A current project

Loadbox – A system for transport and damage analysis.

Data gathering of load on the rotor blades during the whole life cycle.

Read more on the project funded by the EU here.


This is Key Wind

Knowledge is the Key.

The communication and dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy, and in particular wind power, is the main purpose of Key Wind Energy GmbH. Knowledge and understanding of the technology, the potential, and possibilities of the use of wind energy helps to advance people's acceptance of this energy source and thus promote the development of this sector.


Wind Energy is the Source.

In just a few years, wind energy has evolved into a global industry sector. Unlike traditional energy sources which are finite, the potential of wind can be harnessed sustainably and efficiently with a relatively small investment. Global wind power capacity exceeded 432,000 MW in 2015 and is expected to grow by tens of thousands of megawatts each year.


Key Wind Energy GmbH is your Solution.

Key Wind Energy GmbH offers advanced training in the field of wind energy and technical consulting for the wind energy industry. Our services encompass the running of seminars, individual training courses, and international workshops for industry newcomers and experts, as well as technical advice on wind turbines and wind farms. We also carry out research projects and work with consulting companies, institutions, and associations on quality management.