Analysis of Operating Data

By analyzing and evaluating the operating data of your wind farm valuable information for a possible cost reduction and for fundamental decisions can be provided. The data necessary for the study of the individual wind turbines or the entire wind farms are in most cases already existing.


  • Elaboration of recommendations and proposals for improvement
  • Recommendations for maintenance strategies, also regarding further operation (operation of wind turbines longer than 20 years).
  • Parameter studies and sensitivity analyzes
  • Technical and economic considerations
  • Correlations between certain events
  • Root analysis for a poor performance of the wind farm
  • Identify measures for optimization and decision support, eg through cost-benefit analysis
  • Development of evaluation strategies and criteria


We advise you, if further use of your wind farm is technically and economically feasible. We find the causes of lower yields or for poor performance of your wind farm and help you to save operating costs. We develop well-founded decision-making tools for banks, investors and shareholders. We show improvement potential for your wind farm as well as your operation center and train your employees.